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We offer your animals warm, dust-free, clean and comfortable newspaper bedding.

Our products are environmentally friendly and 100% recycled. 

Our bedding offers horse owners and trainers a premium choice bedding rivalling other conventional bedding materials.

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    Low Odour

    Reduces irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract of animals and owners alike.

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    100% Recycled​

    Composts quickly and completely, environmentally friendly.​

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    Virtually Dust-Free 

    We use a cutting edge dust extracting technology to remove dust particals. Ideal for animals with allergies, respiratory problems and skin conditions.​

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    Comfortable ​

    Exceptionally soft cushioning for trailered animals on long trips.

Readyshred horse bedding newspaper bedding

Why Shredded Newspaper Bedding?

ReadyShred No. 1 for shredded newspaper horse bedding!

In the case of milking, pregnant, nursing, or very young livestock, specific attention to bedding is required. These four categories of animals are the most susceptible to disease. 

Comfort is another crucial aspect of bedding because discomfort of an animal leads to sores and other ailments. 

ReadyShred's Shredded Newspaper Bedding is ideal as its comfortable, easy to muck out, mould resistant, insulant and Ideal for most animals.

In general, bedding for an animal must be comfortable, clean, and absorbent. Our Shredded Newspaper Bedding is both organic and inert, that makes it best for bedding, and may be used for all animals, especially horses.

When ReadyShred is used, ammonia volatilisation is reduced, improving the air in the stables or animals housing facility.

Bedding, as with other aspects of livestock management, can be manageable through proper care and attention.

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Shredded Newspaper Bedding Is Ideal For All Animals​

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best horse bedding to use?

We recommend shredded newspaper as it is:

  • Highly absorbant

  • Mold and spore resistant

  • Unpalatable - so its not ingested by the horses and other animals!

  • Warm and comfortable - shredded paper is comfortable and natural insulating properties

ReadyShred offer a premium dust extracted bale specially suited for horses.

What type of bedding is there for horses?

There are many types of bedding:

  • Shredded Newspaper

  •  Cardboard

  • Straw

  • Wood Shavings

  • Hey

  • Sand

The British Horse Society make it a choice stating "The key advantages of paper are that it has low dust levels and is a non-palatable bedding material..."

A research paper by the University of Massachusetts Amherst found shredded newspaper to be "suitable for all livestock, highly absorbent, long lasting, sterile, dust and weed‐free...."

What's the cheapest horse bedding?

Shredded Newspaper is the most cost effective as waste tends to be absorbed in one area, negating the need to fully remove the bedding as you would with other bedding. 

Are shavings or straw better for horses?

Wood shavings can be dusty – which might cause breathing allergies. Wood shavings also need to be mucked out regularly to avoid the build-up of ammonia.

Straw is dusty, non-absorbent and edible; although cheap, it can be quite costly as it requires a large amount to make a good bed for your horses. Its light weight means it is easily blown around – making it more difficult to control.

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